Haynesville-Bossier Shale

The Haynesville Shale, also known as the Haynesville-Bossier Shale, underlies parts of Texas and Arkansas. However, this shale is primarily known as Louisiana’s Shale play. Most of its business operations are headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Chesapeake is the major leaseholder and operator in the play.

During the $10+ gas days of 2007 and 2008, this shale shifted much attention from the popular Barnett Shale. Its depth and dry gas composition, along with the tightness of the formation have led to high production and development costs. While this has slowed operations in the play, Endeavor remains committed to diversifying its oil and gas assets through acquisitions in this play that could ultimately produce as much as 30 to 40 trillion cubic units of natural gas.

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