The Facts Surrounding Your Mineral and Royalty Interests

If you’re interested in selling mineral rights in Texas, it is important to understand your options. At Endeavor Acquisitions, our team of professionals will help you understand all your options so you can determine which course of action is best for you.

What are Mineral Rights?

Mineral rights, also known as “mineral interests”, are an interest in the subsurface of real property. This particular interest gives the owners the right to explore, develop, and produce any or all oil, gas, and other minerals lying below the surface of their real property. In certain instances, the mineral rights are severed from the surface rights, so one person may own the surface of real property while another owns the minerals beneath the surface. Mineral rights owners can sell, lease, gift or bequest a portion of or all their interest.

What are Royalties?

Royalties are a mineral owner’s reserved interest in the oil and gas production or the proceeds from the sale of any oil and/or gas produced from the owner’s mineral estate. Royalties are usually not subject to the costs associated with the development of oil and gas. However, royalties are often subject to their proportionate share of post-production costs, which includes those costs associated with treating or transporting oil and/or gas to a more profitable point in the market place.

I’m a Mineral Owner, Now What?

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