Working With Oil and Gas Royalty Buyers

In nearly any kind of situation, there are buyers on hand to purchase interest in oil and gas or other energy sources. Just like buyers exist on the commodity market, to buy and sell volumes of these physical resources, there are also buyers in the wings who can make a deal to take over the profits from a certain energy source — oil and gas royalty buyers work with sellers to transfer the rights to these materials in exchange for money.

Lump Sum Payments
In many cases, oil and gas royalty buyers will offer sellers a lump sum payment for oil and gas rights. Of course, there is the option to structure these transactions as you would a settlement, but there’s also usually the option for an upfront amount of capital. Buyers will often invest in future royalties and offer sellers more upfront money than is currently available through the immediate capturing and refining of these products.

Getting Out of a Dynamic Market
For some sellers, the concern is that markets fluctuate. They may want to divest themselves of oil and gas royalties or other rights, simply in order to know how much they have in terms of assets. Here’s another situation where oil and gas royalty buyers can accommodate those who need a concrete dollar figure attached to what they own. This can help with future budgeting or setting up an estate process, and often consolidates royalties in the hands of firms that can handle the market volatility.

Taking Over the Paperwork
In taking over ownership of oil and gas royalties, the oil and gas royalty buyers also take over the process of reporting to government regulators and keeping accurate records on these assets. This includes various types of income tax requirements, and other ongoing processes that can take time and effort.

Selling your oil and gas royalties to Endeavor will ensure you get what you deserve, while closing quickly, so you aren’t stuck in a never-ending process. We can even close same day in some instances, making us stand out among oil and gas royalty buyers. We’ll help you make sure that selling is the right decision in your case. Call us today if you’re thinking of selling your mineral rights or oil and gas royalties in the Fort Worth area.