Barnett Shale

The Barnett Shale is a geological formation in the major petroleum producing Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin Province. This particular formation underlies the city of Fort Worth and contains sedimentary rocks that date all the way back to the Mississippian period (354-323 million years ago).

The Barnett Shale is where it all started for the American energy revolution, making it an important location for mineral and royalty interests. George Mitchell and his Mitchell Energy outfit pioneered the hydraulic fracturing process that has made shale, or “source rock”, drilling possible.

Throughout the years, more than 4,000 wells have been drilled. Despite a recent slowdown, the Barnett remains an important macroeconomic factor to the North Texas economy, being considered by some experts to have the largest producible reserves of any onshore natural gas field in the United States. Endeavor is very active in this particular play for mineral and royalty interests, and it serves as the business headquarters of our operation.

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