Endeavor Acquisitions, LLC has a prominent presence all throughout the United States. Endeavor Acquisitions is actively acquiring mineral and royalty interests in most oil and gas productive regions, including some of the most productive shale and/or basin regions in the country. But to understand where and why we have presences in certain locations, it’s important to have an understanding of what shale is and how it is used.

What is it?
Shale is in a category of rocks known as “mudstones,” but differs from many other mudstones because of the many layers that make it up, making it “laminated.” The sedimentary rock is fine-grained and is formed by compacting silt and clay over time. It is the most abundant sedimentary rock.
Why use it?
There are different kinds of shales, and each has different properties that are useful. Black shales, which are most useful for our purposes, can sometimes consist of organic material that can break down to form natural gas or oil. This makes areas of black shale some of the most important areas in terms of oil and natural gas deposits. They get their color from small particles of organic material that were imbedded in the mud that helped form the shale. The oil and natural gas that sometimes forms from this organic material would then rise upwards out of the shale because of the low density.

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